hologram in my box

Holocubes for Train production company Sinara

Holographic experiments with presentation boxes

It is always not enough just to show an object even if it is great. When we present – we have to impress. We have to give a feeling, not just to show something. We must to involve viewer to interaction with our object. Holograms inside the box combining bright object presentation with motion 3D graphics.

We are able to show how the object lives – its past, present and future. We can show the combinations, reconstructions, modernisations and even destructions. Much more attractive then just a mockup and so much brighter.

In our project for Sinara Transport machines we used 3 holo cubes showing 3 stages of locomotive life cycles. Company uses innovative digital prototyping technologies, so they make tests of all life cycles in virtual environment before building anything.
3 cubes with 3 themes:
1) digital development
2) digital construction
3) digital service